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    Question Having issues with Proximity Sensor

    We are total newbies to CNC and recently we bought a PRO4824 4' x 2' CNC Router Kit.We have the XML file and ESS plug in installed. I believe we followed the instructions to install the sensors (Pepperl + Fuchs Proximity Sensors) and set them up correctly. We see the sensors light up as it reaches the end of the rails but does it does not stop. I have uploaded a video showing what it's doing and please let me know if there are any screen shots I should provide to help me solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Having issues with Proximity Sensor

    Is it a matter of setting up soft limits in Mach3 first?

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    Re: Having issues with Proximity Sensor

    THank you... I did realize after that those had not been set.

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    I just finished my build of a 4896. I misinterpreted the illustration and installed the sensor backwards...the round extrusion in the illustration was meant to show a cord, not the sensor end.

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    So I bet you can guess how new I am at this. smile

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