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    Heidenhain 426

    I have an milling machine, DMC 100v with Haidenhain 426 M
    NC : Software 280474 15
    My harddrive BROKE, AND I GOT NO BACKUP :-(
    Is there a freindly soul, who have had the software for TNC 426M, i could get a copy of

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    Re: Heidenhain 426

    You can download that software version from the Heidenhain website
    Best regards

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    Re: Heidenhain 426

    Unfortunatelly it is not that siple, but:
    1 U can contact dunish heidenhain service for nc backup.
    2 U should first of all contact machine manufacturer for all backup files (nopt only NC , cause there is a litlle probability that the only thing wrong is NC.)
    In both cases they won't mind to send U files but will insist to. Use their servise to recover it.
    It is especially proper for a large manufacturers like DMG that has it's own files system for PLC and HMI and Heidenhain don't want to irritate them, cause they are in quite good relations anyway.

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