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    Question Heidenhain Manual Plus


    I have bought CNC Lathe with control Heidenhain Manual Plus M.
    Unfortuanately on machine is Swedish language and I want to change it for English.
    Below picture with parameters with languages but I can't activate them.

    Thanks for help!

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    Re: Heidenhain Manual Plus

    Dear Prefi,

    You have to enable write access to the parameters, so you change parameter 5 to 1, so the control changes to English.

    From “Manual Operation” (display with X and Z axis values via PROCESS and CURSOR button go to the INSTALLATION menu, where you choose the machine constants and approve with pressing ENTER.
    In the softkey bar you can find the Operator-MC, press Softkey for Operator-MC. On the right side of the screen all operator constants for the machine will appear. Please go to machine constant N 80 with the CURSOR button, enter 1, in the bottom left field of the display C1 appears, please press buttons ENTER and STORE after another.
    Machine constant N 80 now has the value 1 (that means Demo-Operation ON), please also see the register on the right side of the display.
    Press PROCESS button and the control will reboot with the new parameters.
    “Demo-Operation” active, you can now change all parameters.

    Switch off “Demo-Operation”
    Double check all settings!
    Finally change the parameter N 80 to 0 again (C 0). If you press the PROCESS button the control will reboot again and all parameters will refresh and reinitialize. Now the changed parameters are active and the functional changes as well.

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    Re: Heidenhain Manual Plus

    II am looking for possibility changing the language this system. when im change parameter 7 on 10 machine not reaction at this change. What accept change? what parameter responsibility to change language (outside nr.5)

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    Re: Heidenhain Manual Plus

    Dear RafalCNC,

    why change parameter 7? It's no. 5 for the language...

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