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    hello i'm new, can you help me?

    I'm from Italy
    sorry for my terrible English

    Plz can somone help me to chose a good laser cutter that can cut MDF o HDF 3 or 4 mm thick?
    I have buy a china 40 Watt laser cutter/engraver CO2 but that machine can not cut MDF (only engrave it).

    my hobby facebook page is tis

    so you can understand my little hobby and may be can help me.

    Thanks for any reply ^^

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    Re: hello i'm new, can you help me?

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    404 Not Found
    Cutting 12mm thickness MDF
    Laser machine making house

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    Hi. For a good laser cutter you need to see what brands are available. You probably need to run more research on what you are going to cut (in your case cut MDF o HDF 3 or 4 mm thick). I would say Chinese products might look attractive on price range. However, I personally recommend American or German products as they are more durable. They might be a bit on higher end price. But I would look at it as an investment.

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    Mar 2021

    Re: hello i'm new, can you help me?

    Hi i need help on this too

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