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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > HELP!! 2001 lynx suddenly wont index
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    HELP!! 2001 lynx suddenly wont index

    Hey guy/gals.
    I started my own shop about 6 months , I just got a 2001 lynx 200 in a auction. I was running parts on it all week, every once and a while the turret would hang up and not fully seat. (normally in the mornings) today I had to drop some parts off at a customers, got back about lunch time and turned on the lathe to warm up the spindle. went to lunch with the neighbor,came back loaded my program and now the turret wont even attempt to index. the index light comes on then I get alarm code 2023. I tried searching in the control for this alarm and it said data out of range. I didn't get any manuals as the place was going out of business . Any help would be great!! I am a one man shop right now and of course the lathe has work and my 2 tigers are slow for work.


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    Re: HELP!! 2001 lynx suddenly wont index

    Have you tried indexing with MDI commands?
    Is the Turret at home position?
    Still have problems? Call Darryl Hardt at Doosan Service - 973-618-2500 9:00 am to 5m est.

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    Re: HELP!! 2001 lynx suddenly wont index

    Alarm 2023 might be that tool indexing in not done in certain time.
    There is some problem in motor or mechanical issue.
    You might have broken mid axel.

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