I purchased a machine from Fine Line Automation 2 years ago. Biggest mistake i ever made. Im living with it and learning from it. Replaced parts on my own since Nate who runs the place cant do any good and run a legitimate business. I have figured out and replaced everything i need but one problem i am having is not being able to attach the motor mount to the carriage. There doesn't seem to be enough room for it to fit. I have attached some pictures for reference. But basically what it looks like is the older model fit just fine and i was sent a newer model that he also uses for another machine. The radius on the pivoting end of this mount is much bigger than before and the angle is not so much like a 90 degree now and more oblong. If anyone on here has a standard machine from them can you please give me some input on if you think i was sent a wrong part or if this should fit a different way. They fit fine on the side axis for the x axis but there isnt a plate in the way either like there is in the Z-axis that is preventing this from working. It dosnt fit by 1/2" meaning the hole it needs to screw into is a half inch off to the side that i cant reach because the Z plate on the carriages.