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    help configuration SCM RECORD 220 ROUTECH

    Hello. this is my first post, i hope someone can help me.

    i have this SCM RECORD 220 ROUTECH, we recently changed the CPU cause it was malfunctioning , some troubles with the HDD, we installed all the software on the new CPU no biggies, it connects and everything, problem here is that the SCM marks an error and blocks all the system, it says that the axys are not calibrated.

    i still have the backup from the previous HDD , it has all the files, i was wondering if there is a file that contains information i could use to recalibrate the SCM, or if somehow i can transfer the configuration from the NUM to the CPU .

    in the worst case it does not exists how can i recalibrate the axys so it can work again.

    thank you very much !

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    Re: help configuration SCM RECORD 220 ROUTECH


    I need a copy of a backup for SCM Record 220

    can you help me??

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    Re: help configuration SCM RECORD 220 ROUTECH


    Can you share me the backup?


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