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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > Help How do you call this dual size Bolt (Picture Included)
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    Help How do you call this dual size Bolt (Picture Included)

    Hi, Ho do you call this dual size Bolt? One size the thread is clockwise the other size is anti clockwise

    My intention is two built a Gradual platform Similar to this (When I turn the Bolt the distance is shorter or greater depends of the direction):

    if you can also point me where to buy it would be great.


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    I would call it a turnbuckle.
    IH v-3 early model owner

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    You can get them in small sizes (4-40, 6-32, metric equivalents) from any hobby shop that deals in parts for RC cars. They are used to adjust suspension alignment. Not sure where to go if you need larger.

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    From the photo, it can't work. A turnbuckle has a threaded rod with a RH on one-half the rod and a LH on the other, and uses two nuts to follow the threads; one LH and one RH. The nut shown in the drawing would only have a LH or RH thread. Would it be easier to mount the nut on the lower plate and just turn the screw to increase or decrease the distance between them?
    I have seen duel threads of two different pitches, (same direction) where one will move relative to the other and used to make very fine or precision adjustments. The nuts have two pitches cut into them, half and half. All of these have a limited travel. If you design a tube, (say 4 inches long) and mount two nuts of different rotations (LH and RH) on the ends of the tube. Then mount threaded rods to the plates, turning the tube would accomplish your goal. Here are two links for examples

    Eye & Eye Stainless Steel Turnbuckles : Ratchet Straps, Tie Down Straps, E Track Tie Downs, Moving Blankets & Pads, Cargo Straps, U.S. Cargo Control

    TURNBUCKLE DIN 1478 - Product Picture From Qingdao Su Mei Da Machinery Co., Ltd.


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    thanks for the help I will look for some

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    Quote Originally Posted by APinSoFla View Post
    Thats the one thanks

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    Re: Help How do you call this dual size Bolt (Picture Included)

    Being a truck driver for 5 years now, I am personally using these types of equipment and would like to recommend these.


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