I purchased Gerry’s 2010 Screenset a year or so ago, after hit and miss setting the Z axis zero position manually for over 12 years, I was so looking forward to have that set automatically saving me much time and making my use of the CNC much more accurate.
Everything went fine through pages 1, 2, and page 3 down to “Auto Zero Setup”, where your instructed to go to pages 9-14. That’s where the instructions broke down for me.

I have installed homing and limit switches on my CNC as shown in the below photo, but none have been powered up, it also shows the port and PIN numbers the switches are connected to on the BOB, I have never used homing, limit switches, Machine Settings, or Material Offsets, which is a weakness in understanding the information in setting up and running the software.

The 2010 screen is displayed on my screen and I successfully use many parts of it in the “manual” mode. I so look forward to be able to click on any of the screen hot spots and have the Auto Z Zero run and many of the other things that will make my CNC use more accurate and fun to use.

I really would love for someone’s assistance to help me complete the installation of this valued software. However if three or four people try to help me at once I don’t think that would work, as each would have their own sequence and method which I’m sure would confuse me more. So I’m really not sure how to ask for help.

Any suggestions, on how I can complete the installation?

Thank you.