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    Help Mach3 and exel hd 1224

    Hi I have a second hand excel hd 1224 8x4 cnc router,

    I have changed the control board for a nmotion mach3 controller.

    I have had the machine fully functional but now I have some issues, the x and y axis were not relevant to each other (wouldn't cut a circle) the way I rectified this was to set the steps per to exactly the same as each other (79.5) now this was working great for a while and then I did a reboot and for some reason they became un relative again, I managed to fix it once by changing the y axis steps per and then changing it back and then for some reason after a few projects were run it started playing up again.

    I have since change the pc and the usb I was using and still have the same issue

    I now also have some other issues, so if I jog the machine manually at full speed it works fine no jittering and very smooth but if I either run a code or tell it to go to zero it stops and starts

    Can anybody help please????

    I've attached a video of the smooth moving then the return to zero.

    Edit the video wont upload
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 231335286_357494775927717_708962408474614040_n (1).jpg   227794765_2305250079613543_1191686768513235836_n.jpg  

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