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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > CNC Router Parts > Help Needed? Keep losing ESS due to Power cycling on and off randomly
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    Help Needed? Keep losing ESS due to Power cycling on and off randomly

    Like the title says. Running an Avid PRO4848 with Nema34 - Yesterday as I was homing the machine, I heard a click come from the box and the machine stopped. Got the lost ESS error. Power cycled everything and was jogging the machine around and I hear a slight click inside the controller box again and loose connection again. It's the control system, once it clicks off it will turn back on again for a few mins then click off randomly again all while I am just staring at it. If it clicks off and I tap the controller box it powers on again. My 220v running to the other box never shuts off.

    Seeing as it's Sunday night, was curious what thoughts might be? Machine is about 6 months old. Running Mach 4 on a windows 10 PC

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    Re: Help Needed? Keep losing ESS due to Power cycling on and off randomly


    Quick update. Reached out to AVID CNC first thing in the AM. Excellent service as always.

    Solution: Lose wire on the power switch coming into the control panel. Fixed in 2 mins. My kind of fix!

    Just wanted to update this thread in case another user encounter this issue they can check their connections!

    - Ryan

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