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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking > Bending, Forging, Extrusion... > Help please . Amada APX 50-20 not initialising at start?
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    Help please . Amada APX 50-20 not initialising at start?

    Hi . Hope somebody on here can help with a problem I have with my Amada apx 50-20. Only had the machine a few months.
    Today whilst running a program, the bed refused to rise ( up stroke machine ).
    So I turned of machine and thinking I’ll reset things .
    When powered up , I go into initialising mode and the bed only goes down , but when asked to close , will not rise?
    Checked fuses , breaker as in the manual.
    Even left the machine for some time and returned . But same .
    Can anyone point me in the next direction to get the problem solved ?
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    Re: Help please . Amada APX 50-20 not initialising at start?

    The question is if it is trying to lift or there is no command.
    1. You have command output, but no movement. Check valves, cabling, power supply, oil pressure, oil pump, leveling of the bed.
    2. You have no command. Interlock keys, start keys, try whatever other command, look through alarm history.

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    The machine switch on ok.
    Starts the initialising process opens fine but will not close .
    Check oil levels etc .
    When operating the close sequence , can’t hear anything switching.
    Where would I find the alarm history?

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