Hello again

How are you all? hope good :-)

My problem is back up for biesse rover 27 didnt do it yes i know stupid of my.
So i was wandering if anyone got a back up I would be really happy or any idea were i can get one?

My progres to today finaly astablished a conection whit windows 8.1 to the CNC machine biesse. Found all data for Hops 6 program and wanted to start for the 1 time in my life to use the CNC then it crashes and gives a error: user name: (the picture ist attached).
So mi techincan said that i need to have a back up diskette but i dont have. Been serching the web beging Biesse but till now no response.

At the end i am desperate and beging if anyone has the data would you pleas share it?? pleas pleas