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IndustryArena Forum > GENERAL MANUFACTURING PROCESSES > MILLING > HELP PLEASE spindle wont go over 3000rpm
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    HELP PLEASE spindle wont go over 3000rpm

    Hi i have a Hitachi seiki VM40 with seikos control and a 6000rpm Mitsubishi spindle. Everything works perfectly but speed won't increase over 3000rpm. There is no alarm, no load on spindle and spindle runs smooth and true. Can any one help with advice please?

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    Re: HELP PLEASE spindle wont go over 3000rpm

    Are you sure you're Spindle Override isn't somehow set at 50%. (Stripped knob? Broken wire?) When you put in something less the 3000, do you have any way to verify it's at the chosen speed? Maybe someone set a Max Spindle RPM parameter limiting it to 3000 because of issues at higher RPM's.

    Just some ideas.

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