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    Help with Agie Mondo 20

    I have an Agie Mondo 20 EDM sinker. When I try and home the axis', all axis home themselves but the control does NOT show that they actually homed themselves......I have checked the cables, cards, reseated cables ect....nothing has worked...any ideas?

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    Re: Help with Agie Mondo 20

    When you say the control does not show that the axis is homed, do you mean that the axes don't go to zero?
    Anyways, chances are you have a problem with one of the axis motor/encoder. I have seen this before, usually
    taking the brushes out of the motor and clean out the carbon with a shop-vac. Check the length of the brushes.
    Be careful and remove the top of the encoder. Use a small amount of air and blow on the encoder. reassemble
    and test

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    Hi guys , i have a old mondo that i cant seem to understand the referance procedures. Its a 2 manual axis and 1 servo 97 , hdd drive .i post a video maybe you can see what im doing wrong https://youtu.be/2KQdJT83mGo

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