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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Uncategorised CAM Discussion > HELP with Busellato Jet 200RT and Genesis Questions
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    HELP with Busellato Jet 200RT and Genesis Questions

    We are interested in purchasing a used 2005 Busellato Jet 200RT and have no experience with the controller software Genesis. Does anyone have experience with that software? I will post our questions below.

    We want to upgrade the computer and controller, which costs about 10k for the newest version (Genesis 8.1 sp16) and a new PLC. The issue is that TPA wants us to have them install software and "make sure that it functions". Personally I feel as though its an expensive purchase for a proprietary software that runs on windows 7 and antiquated hardware.

    -Does anyone have any experience with this software and upgrading the controller for busellato CNC's?

    -Has anyone figured out a way to post from Fusion 360 to Genesis so we don't have to mess with it and can avoid costly upgrades (ideally running just the old version of genesis)

    -Also, in general, if you have experience with Busellato machines, we would love to hear advice on purchasing (the machine looks in great condition)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: HELP with Busellato Jet 200RT and Genesis Questions

    Yes i have experence is very well. Y hace génesis 4.5 is good.

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