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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > General CNC Machine Related Electronics > Help with connecting up CNC electronics to avoid EMI/Noise
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    Help with connecting up CNC electronics to avoid EMI/Noise

    I've built my Openbuilds LeadCNC 1515 with electronics from China and as I powered up the system I immediately noticed a heck of a lot of noise coming from the stepper motors. Now, at this point I had not even power up the VFD for the spindle - so this noise is only from the circuit concerning the 24DC to stepper drivers/motors and BoB.
    Trying to connect to the USB from the breakout board (BoB) was, not surprisingly, unsuccessful - Windows did not recognize the USB device and the orange comms error lit up the BoB.

    Now, could I get your advice in how to minimize noise from my setup? I'm pretty sure it's just not grounded properly - but not sure what best practice would be.

    In the attached pdf "My CNC schematic" you can see the schematics as I have built it.
    Main components are:
    - STB5100 breakout board
    - 4-off TB6600 stepper drivers
    - 4-off Nema23 stepper motors (high torque)
    - Transformer 230VAC to 24DC
    - VFD - 1.5kW
    - Spindle - 1.5kW

    The schematics are based on the STB electric wiring diagram (attached) and the STB5100 installation guide from DreufelCNC.

    In my head I thought that the common ground to earth would run via the VFD control cable and that this ground wire would be connected to the 230V earth. But this is not the case. So I'm wondering how to set this system up to have it properly grounded/earthed?

    Thanks for any response!


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    Re: Help with connecting up CNC electronics to avoid EMI/Noise

    Topic can be closed - after troubleshooting everything I was the brand new USB cable that was the culprit (!) - replaced it with an old rusty cable and voilà - CNC machine up and running

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