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    Help with minor change to post

    I am using Mastercam 21, and I changed my post but its not doing exactly what I wanted. I changed the NC output so that feeds output as "F#" instead of just "F" because I want them to be macro controlled. Now the issue is the decimal point at the end of the F command is not the correct syntax for my fanuc machine. I have changed the code on the line to 4 so that it is an integer, but now my issue is that only changes the first 2 F commands in my NC file, the rest of the F's still have a decimal.

    How can I change my post so that all my F's don't have a decimal instead of just the first 2.

    Thank you

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    Re: Help with minor change to post

    Go to the fmt statements
    Change the global output.. post blocks plin, pcirout are affected

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