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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)
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    Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    Hi All,
    need some help
    Just trying to work out how program some Gcode on my fanuc OM VMC with a high speed spindle that attaches to the BT40 tool holder and powered independently.
    Basically i don't want the main spindle to start for obvious reasons.

    I have tried inserting S0 M3 abd doesnt like that. The code stops at that line.
    I have also tried taking that code out and it didnt like that either ...

    Any other ways to do this ?????

    Heres a sample code im using ......

    Thanks in advanced



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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    Here´s a response in the German forum:


    Translated by deepl.com:

    Hello Jubee,

    not quite sure if I have understood your problem.
    Would suggest:
    Either work with spindle orientation M19 or activate spindle clamping. I think ours was M86 and M87.

    Hope that helps.
    Community Manager <a href="https://de.industryarena.com/" target="_blank">https://de.industryarena.com/</a>

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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    What happens if you omit the S0 M3 from the program ?

    Use M5 or M19 instead of M3

    Note... you should be using feed per minute (G94), not feed per rev (G95)

    An observation of tour code....line 30 should include G90 and G94, as these are usually the default codes for each group

    And a general practice of "if you switch sometime away from default, make sure it gets turned back ASAP", I'm talking about your use of G91 (incremental), N155 G90 is a suggested, as the machine is left in absolute

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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    Thanks guys for your replies, Will do some more testing today and post later of my findings.
    I really appreciate having a look at the code as well, I need all the help i can get . Thank you

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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    Hi Burs, thanks for that.

    It doesn't need to lock just needs to not turn. So no spindle rpm at all.
    The code I've tried ie leaving out the M03 and S , doesn't seem work. But will try a few more things today.
    Thanks for your input though

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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    More testing today , and i couldnt get it to work .....
    Works up until the command to move the x and y axis. Then nothing.

    I have read from another website that i may have to enable one of the Parameters?

    Does anyone know how to change Fanuc parameter 24.2 = 1
    From what i have read that this will stop the controller looking for spindle speed prior to x and y axis moving.

    Any thoughts ????

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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    From the parameters manual it looks like Parameter #24 bit 2 =1 is checking the spindle speed is reached.

    Will try changing this tomorrow and see what happens

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    Re: Help with some Gcode on fanuc Om ...Please :)

    Well it worked., those of you following
    Changed Parameter 24, BIT 2 to a 0 and all is good the machine doesn't look at the spindle status before it executes the X and Y moves.
    Happy days.

    This is what the high speed spindle looks like ......45000 RPM 220 volt Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HSS.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	78.9 KB 
ID:	506770

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