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    Hercus Computurn Lathe Help

    Does anyone know anything about a Hercus Computurn lathe? I'm looking at buying one that's in pretty good shape from what I can see and I was wondering what kind of value they go for? Are they a good machine to buy for small lathe operations?

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Re: Hercus Computurn Lathe Help


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    Re: Hercus Computurn Lathe Help

    Hi Shefey,

    I have a 1986 Hercus Compulathe, it is a very solid and well designed machine (mechanically). It was very expensive when new... I was told by the trade-school instructor where mine came from that they paid around $50,000 each in 1986 (Deluxe model with pneumatic chuck and automatic tool turret). That being said, they can be had for next to nothing... I paid $500 for mine 20 years ago, last year I also picked up a matching V300 Compumill for close to the same amount.

    The important factor to consider here is the that these were designed 100% as CNC machines from the ground-up from day one, they were never manual machines converted to CNC like most of the imports available today! All the components used in the build were top quality industrial grade and built to last... no cheap import components. However, the ANCA electronics were the weak point in terms of reliability and the reason the school unloaded them after only a few years of classroom use. If the original electronics are still functional it can and should be used as-is. The control is an actual industrial grade unit and is capable of doing every type of turning operation and canned cycle as a industrial machine ; but a word of caution, it uses a rather unique flavour of G-code you'll need the manuals to figure everything out. Programming can be done by a CAM program and upload via RS232.... but you cannot run directly off a PC .... the technology is way too old.

    If the electronics are toast, the Hercus is an excellent candidate for retrofit ; only the electronics need to be replaced.... all the mechanicals can and should be used as-is
    - do a search for macona (on another forum).... he did an industrial quality retrofit to one a few years back .... lots of info there....

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    Re: Hercus Computurn Lathe Help

    Quote Originally Posted by cncdan View Post
    If the electronics are toast, the Hercus is an excellent candidate for retrofit
    Great machine and a great candidate for a retrofit with the new Centroid Acorn!
    Acorn CNC controller, Step and Direction 4 axis CNC Control board with ethernet communication.DIY CNC kit
    Milton in Tennessee ya'll!

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    Re: Hercus Computurn Lathe Help

    I know it's late reply but I will add to it in case someone searches for this information in the future.

    Its a solid well designed machine for it's size.

    I bought a computurn lathe. The cabinet and control were both missing. It came with the lathe, 2 automatic turrets and parts for a third and also a air operated power chuck. I paid $500. I also bought a hercus V300 milling machine no control or cabinet. Same price.

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