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    Hi-G option Okuma Mac Turn 30

    I have a Mac Turn 30 whit the Hi-G control Low Acceleration / Deceleration option according to the mdc. The problem is that no one seems to know how to enable the funktion and how to set the parameters. The controller is OSP U100L.
    I have seen instructions how to do this on the U100M but it is not the same. The machine shakes badly in some situations.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Hi-G option Okuma Mac Turn 30

    hy vesene i don't have experience with u100; yet i have used Hi-G on mill and Hi-Cut on both mill and lathe, p300; is possible to shake the machine with both functions

    also, is posible to shake it by editing in-position widht paramereter

    vibrations increase with travel, especially for rapids, because they reach their higher speeds only after a minimum travel

    thus there is no setting to fit all scenarios

    from manuals, is said that such accelerations can be balanced between precision and high speed, higher values requiring to anchor the machine, or is possible that machine will shake/travel, move in time across the floor; i have not been able to keep using the higher values, because machine was not anchored to ground, but during trials i pushed it prety hard

    i realy don't like vibrations during machining, so here are a few recomandations :
    ... shorten rapid travels, so to restrict the axis to reach full speed; this is possible for the turret by using a home that is closer to program Z0, but not also for the up/pivot head, since it has to always travel to tool change position
    ... increase aproach&depart rapid clearance and inposition width; this helps reducing shocks when changing directions, by cuting corners, yet a higher ipw is needed, so to avoid a crash
    ... on big machines, parts are big, thus there is more cut time than rapid time, so simply consider to keep your rapid overriden < 100%, or keep the rapid selection key on slow rapids ( if there is any on the panel ); you may lose time, but time loss is not as high as when machining small parts, where rapids are more frequent
    ... above is not possible if you don't have separate butons for rapid & feed, so, in this case, is required to change the program; it may sound time consuming, but you can run some trials and find a limit beyond which you don't wanna cross, then i can help you to scan your programs automatically, and replace those rapids with feeds; is not ok to replace all rapids with feeds, because it will put stress on servos
    ... other solution is to avoid axis combinations during rapids; for example, XZ rapid is more agresive than X then Z, etc; such shock increase on bigger, heavier machines
    ... also, even if rapids are not combined, sometimes is better to use a delay between them, like to allow the machine to get steady after 1st rapid, thus allow dumpening the inertia, then begin the 2nd rapid
    ... some unbalanced turrets tend to shake during indexing, and this can be handled by reversing index sense, or through parameter, or avoid ctr codes that will allow a rapid to begin too soon, while indexing is not yet done

    i am sorry, i can't provide help for your machine paramers; i hope it was usefull / kindly
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