HiCell CA40II with an 8-position turret and 24-tool carousel in the back. Typically if we load a tool into the turret manually (because it is too big for the ATC), we dedicate that turret position to that tool. But if I have a program with a lot of tools, I need to reuse that turret position for another tool. This requires the tools to physically be swapped; and in that scenario, you also have to register the new tool in the control. However, I cannot find a way using a G-code, M-code, or T-code to change registered tools (it would have to be entered manually in the tool list screen). For example, on our vertical mill with Fanuc control, we can use M13Txx to change the registered tool in the spindle without actually initiating a tool change. Does anyone know if this is possible on the HiCell? And, if so, what's the code?