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    Hidenhine 355 ,Bridgport (intract412)

    Hi all of my friends,
    On of my best friends buy A milling cnc machine . It's a bridgport model intract412 with hidenhine control(TNC355) and made, and has this options: tool changer& Bush motors & drives for axis and fanuc drive for spindle, but it has problem: when start machine and going home,z & y axis go home but x moving to home but when touch limit stop x and text for x home stay on screen . I check input and its change from 1 to 0 on the control input (input on monitor),somtimes x home but sometimes x not home .no error on control.
    can help me any one?
    My email address is
    My phone to telegram or waths up is
    Thanks for your help.
    Hassan rahbar , mashhad, khorassan razavi , Iran

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    Re: Hidenhine 355 ,Bridgport (intract412)

    Please check if the installation is correct? Are there missing parts? minecraft classic

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    Re: Hidenhine 355 ,Bridgport (intract412)

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    Re: Hidenhine 355 ,Bridgport (intract412)

    this is awesome

    run 3

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