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    higbee cut on back end of part

    Help I need to Higbee cut both ends of an O.D. threaded part. This part is being parted off from barstock. I have seen plenty of advice on the outer end, but not the inner end...
    I will be using a single point threader and a partoff tool on a cnc lathe with fanuc O-t control.

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    Re: higbee cut on back end of part

    I had to look up what a Higbee cut was! So, my two cents is worth... um.... less. But really, don't you just need program a groove cut on the back end to form the Higbee, plus enough extra to allow for where the part off tool comes in? It should be pretty similar to cutting the front end, I would think.
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    Re: higbee cut on back end of part

    You need another grooving/part off tool turned upside down to clip the back end of the thread. Rotate the part backwards and clip the back in whatever manner you are doing the front.

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    Re: higbee cut on back end of part

    Hello im also needing to higbee my last thread in my thread relief, ive never programmed higbee threading before, we use G92 thread cycle, im needing help on programing this, im using a 12 pitch acme at 29* with a major of .809 and minor of .748, my threader is going Z-.590 we are also not cutting a 45* on the back end of the thread, any help is greatly appreciated

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    Re: higbee cut on back end of part

    I am going for a blunt start on a 2/78 -8 acme. I use the G76 for the threading and blunt start. I'm %99 there but I want a faster pull out to get a more "blunt thread. I have slowed the RPM down from 495 to 100 and it got me very close. Is there an M code or a parameter setting that allows for a more rapid pull out. I am getting excellent results on my DMG Moris with M24. I'm trying to set up a Viper Lathe with Fanuc control to make the same part.


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