In the garment production industry, the large-scale processing of fabrics requires efficient production equipment. Today Xiaobian has introduced the automatic feeding laser cutting machine AKJ1610 to you. The laser cutting machine adopts high-speed, high-precision stepper motor, automatic feed, automatic edge grasping, cutting speed is 2.5 times of the traditional, is the best choice of modern high-speed automatic large enterprises.

The following are the advantages and configuration of the automatic feed laser cutting machine. You can choose the right laser machine for your workshop according to your production needs.

1. Well-known brand - RECI 80W laser tube

China famous brand - Rishi glass sealed laser tube, water cooling mode. High stability, long life, up to 10000 hours.

2. Rida control system adopts LCD panel

LCD control panel supports multiple languages, clear display, more convenient operation. Advanced DSP control system, with professional motion control chip, with continuous high-speed curve cutting and shortest path selection function, greatly improve your work efficiency. USB offline control system, more convenient and quick operation.

3. Position of laser head and red dot.

Since the laser is invisible, the red light indicator enables the precise position of the laser beam.

Since the laser beam is invisible, we can use the red pointer function to see the path of the laser.

4. Taiwan high-precision square guide rail

Smooth operation, high speed silent, high wear resistance, good bearing capacity. It helps the laser head to move smoothly, thus improving the accuracy and speed of machine engraving and cutting.

5. Industrial chiller.

China's high quality industrial air conditioning chiller with temperature display and alarm function

Powerful, avoid over burning, prevent water cycle power off.

6. Automatic roller table and feeding device.

The laser cutting machine adopts crawler type worktable and negative pressure material suction conveyor to ensure the smooth material when cutting. With automatic feeding system, it can meet the requirements of continuous and automatic batch cutting.

7. Stepper motor and Leadshine driver.

Acctek CNC laser machines use high quality stepper motors and drivers, the well-known brand Leadshine.

These motors do not require regular maintenance, reducing any maintenance downtime.

8. Singapore Three mirrors and a lens.

1) 45° mirror adjustment device. Three-point dimming bolt for easy dimming.

2) Imported lens, suitable for all kinds of environment, high precision, fast speed.

9. The laser cutting machine can be installed with multiple laser heads to improve work efficiency.

Automatic feeding laser cutting machine is suitable for printing brand, electronic panel, face mask, textile brand (woven label), embroidery after cutting and many other industrial applications. It is especially suitable for small batch, many varieties of clothing fabric cutting, especially suitable for customized clothing.

The above is the introduction of automatic feeding laser cutting machine. If you want to buy suitable cutting equipment, you can leave a message on the Internet, our staff will recommend the most suitable machine for you according to your cutting needs. I hope it helps you.