We operate a woodworking business in South Carolina that currently runs 22 Chinese lasers at least 8 hours per day. We have intermediate to high level knowledge of these machines on both their software and hardware. However, we are looking to elevate our game with more precision on our software and a better maintenance schedule/problem solving on our hardware.

We are looking to find a person with expert knowledge of these machines and software so that we can pay them to either FaceTime/Skype with any questions/issues we have, or to even pay them to come to our facility for multiple days to solve problems and better train our staff.

All of our machines are Gweike brand and range in size from 3'x4' up to a big bed 4'x8'. They are all 80w tubes, 5200 water chillers, and currently use Lightburn for software (we are open to switching back to RD Works). They all have Ruida controllers.

If you are interested in discussing this job, please shoot me a message. Hourly rate is negotiable based on your experience.