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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Hitachi Seikis > Hitachi Seiki HITEC-TURN 20SII Error
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    Hitachi Seiki HITEC-TURN 20SII Error

    i stated my lathe today just to run it like we do every month if it isn't working and today the X axis was making a terrible vibration even when it wasn't moving, like the servo was chattering back and forth.
    then it cut out and now has the following errors 931, 930, 310

    when i push standby the hydraulic pump starts for a second or so then cuts out.

    1996 machine with Seiki multi controller

    can anyone help me please?

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    Re: Hitachi Seiki HITEC-TURN 20SII Error

    Have you checked the servo cards? PM me a pic of them

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