I have a Doosan HM 1000 with a 120 tool ATC with fanuc 31i-b that randomly waits on the ATC to call up the next tool before running the program. It doesn't have any pattern to it. It will do it on our long drills, short tools, heavy tools, T1, T20, T 83, etc.... The machine has always done this, but this particular program has a bunch of tools that's eating up time. It has 30 out of 40 tools that run fine. It calls up the tool it supposed to and the program starts running, then the ATC will call up the next tool while machine is running. However, 10 of them out of the 40 will call up the right tool, it starts the program, moves tool to the right x/y, then machine stops and waits until the ATC calls up the next tool to the waiting pod (which might be on the other side of magazine), then the program continues as if nothing happened. We believe it is a parameter that is stopping some pods and not others. Any help would be appreciated.