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    Red face HM-54GV CNC Conversion

    Hi Everyone

    I have the following machine which I’m interested to convert to CNC: HM-54GV ( https://www.machineryhouse.com.au/M579 )

    I am very new to machining in general but have desided to not only take that up but also challenge my electronic technical side as well. I have watched a fair few videos around youtube by now and also searched this forum pretty extensively but not alot comes up about my machine specifically.

    I guess one place to start may be to look at what is already fitted to this machine and subtract that from a list of what is typically required?

    Does anyone local to Perth SOR possibly have experience with this kind of thing and willing to help out along the way?

    Kindest Regards


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    Re: HM-54GV CNC Conversion

    Andrew, I'm Perth NoR (I don't go South, you people are strange.... )
    I've done a HM45 conversion that ran on Mach 3 and now have a nice locally built linear rail machine running on Linuxcnc.

    Both machines have taught me a lot, caused much hair loss and swearing but also produced some sweet parts once I got things running as I wanted.
    Happy to be a sounding board or offer moral support.
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