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    Smile HobbyMat MD65

    Hi guys!
    I might have the possiblity ot get a second hand hobbymat md65 with a broken motor. Does someone knon whihc motor to buy it in order to replace the original one?
    I know the machine use a 220V single phase 250W motor. I was wondering whether someone has a link for a nice motor (not expensive if possible) that would do the job. Open to go to 3 phases if it worth ecc...I am in EU, but also links form Aliexpress, Ebay ecc are accepted. Thank you for the help!

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    Re: HobbyMat MD65

    guys I would have another question...better an used well known Hobbymat MD65 or the Chinese 180 lathe that a lot of brand rebranded like HBM 180 vario https://www.hbm-machines.com/product...oCC4wQAvD_BwE?
    What do you advice?

    Thank you!

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    Re: HobbyMat MD65

    Hi, I have changed my motor to a three phase with a VFD. It required some modifications to the plate on which the motor is mount (just drilling some extra holes) due to the difference in frame sizes.
    I also required an adapter for the shaft as standard shafts in the frame size that will fit inside are smaller than the original motor. At the same time, I have replaced all wiring and switches and integrated also a scale on the y axis. This required some 3d printing.
    I have to dig up the pictures of the identification plate to tell you what fits and to illustrate how it looks like today

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    Re: HobbyMat MD65

    Found my order back in mail. The motor is a Transtecno TS6334B14 3-Phase Motor 1500rpm 63-4P 0,25kW 230/400V B14 frame. It seems to be often used on gearboxes or drives and is quite commonly found secondhand, stripped from worn or broken gearboxes.
    What I still need to do is make some cover to fill up the hole of the previous motor as the new one is a bit smaller in diameter as you can see. I also had to remove the cover from the motor where the electrical connections are made otherwise it wouldn't fit in the available.space.
    The start capacitor of the old motor can then also be binned, which makes room underneath the lathe to install other switches or other electrical gear.

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