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    Horizontal Mill help

    Hello all

    i was wondering if someone had a MasterCam sample file that is of a part on a horizontal mill ( usually do the lathes) ... i am trying to learn to program the horizontal we have here and am working figuring out having 4 sides to program B0 B90 B180 etc etc

    i just need sample file for a machine that has this so i can look at how its done, the mastercam training videos don't show this, it can be a simple part
    i am not sure if i use viewsheets for each side or if its just done with toolpath groups

    any help is always appreciated

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    Re: Horizontal Mill help

    1st and best advice is to understand your initial setup

    ... a 3 axis vertical machine, the part face is placed in the TOP plane, so the FRONT, BOTTOM planes fall correctly. You may have to create a new BACK plane, as it may be up-side-down( depends on post).

    ... a horizontal is different, the TOP WCS is the view you see looking from the Y+ position. The B0 face is the FRONT face. So B90 makes the RIGHT face, B180 is BACK, B-90(B270) is LEFT face.
    If you use a different co-ord system for each face, there are methods to assign a system to each view

    If you are programming only the TOP face, you can have the part face set as TOP WCS

    Each toolpath requires "planes" to be set before selecting cut parameters

    NOTE... make sure that tool has retracted BEFORE any index (B) moves... spindle crashes on a horizontal can be expensive.

    Take little steps, it takes time
    Remember... WCS is always TOP, C & T plane is what you want the tool to address.

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