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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > Hoss CNC X2 plans still available?
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    Hoss CNC X2 plans still available?

    I've searched for sometime for plans for a DIY approach for CNC upgrading my Harbor Freight X2 mill I've had for many years and saw Hoss2006 put one together but looks inactive on his webpage? Most of the links lead to a non-existent website and I'm not sure if he's even active anymore with selling them; does anyone know?


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    Re: Hoss CNC X2 plans still available?

    Just have to do some searching on here . . . . . . Hossmachine Store. I know he got busy with REAL work and don't know if the weblink is still active but no harm trying!

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    Re: Hoss CNC X2 plans still available?

    Hoss still pops up here from time to time. The last time I caught one of his posts he seemed to be doing really well, so just reach out to him. He will probably get back to you eventually.

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    Re: Hoss CNC X2 plans still available?

    Save up and get a G0704 or eqivelent to build up.
    The X2 is not worth it.
    Just isn't rigid enough, even with solid column.
    Not enough weight and size in the table/carriage itself.

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    Re: Hoss CNC X2 plans still available?

    Wound up buying the plans, and got a quick response with the details. Unfortunately I didn't look into it enough thinking it would provide details for a basic CNC conversion for the X2 which is does not. Disclaimer on his website says those details are for free and clicking on the CNC conversion links brings me back to the original problem. The website is not kept functional anymore so it leads to a dead end page for any of the links within that section and none of the pictures are viewable.

    Seems I'm out of luck trying to get DIY plans left (other than fignoggle which used pulley based setup for each axis and is not how I want to do it) to figure it out on my own unless someone knows or has any information regarding details on it.

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