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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > How can I run Nema23 @ 2or3 rpm
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    How can I run Nema23 @ 2or3 rpm

    I have a spare Nema 23 & M335 driver which I would like to be able to run at very low variable speeds for a non CNC project.
    Is there an easy way to achieve this? Potentiometer maybe? Or am I being naively hopeful.

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    Re: How can I run Nema23 @ 2or3 rpm

    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: How can I run Nema23 @ 2or3 rpm

    Here is another one that will work:


    Problem is, these boards may have too wide of a speed range for you. At the lowest setting, the speed will change from 1.5RPM to 45RPM (80Hz to 2400Hz).

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    Thanks Jim

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