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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > BobCad-Cam > How do I move BobCad V27 to new computer
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    How do I move BobCad V27 to new computer

    I finally broke down and bought a new computer.
    I am not very computer savvy, so please bear with me and pardon the dumb questions.
    I want to move BobCad-Cam V27 and BobArt program to a new computer.
    I DON'T want to upgrade or talk to anyone about upgrading, I simply want to move the program I already purchased and use.

    Do I simply copy the file folder over and key in my license code (I found these under the help tab in the program) but then I noticed the password is blank... hope that's not an issue.
    Is there an .exe file somewhere I need to find? if so where to look. I really need the basics here.

    Does anyone have a simple instruction sheet/guide on how to do this?

    Any help is most appreciated. Thank you,

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    Re: How do I move BobCad V27 to new computer

    call Bob and ask

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    Re: How do I move BobCad V27 to new computer

    ...I know you said you did not want to deal with talking to BobCad. maybe Emailing them would be easier.



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