When PLC controls the laser marking machine, the laser marking machine must have corresponding control signals and status feedback signals. The two most basic signals to be provided by the laser marking machine are "start marking" signal and "marking completion" signal (which can also be "busy" signal). "Start marking" is a control signal, which can be used by PLC to control the laser marking machine to start marking. "Marking end" is a state feedback signal. Once PLC detects that the marking machine sends this signal, it will know that the marking operation has been completed.

If you need to use PLC to select different files (or marks) for marking, in addition to these two basic control signals, you also need some general input control signals to select different marking files. For example, the four ports of input [7:4] are used as general input ports, so PLC can control the laser marking machine to select one from 16 different marks for marking.

It can be seen that with these control signals and status signals, PLC can control the laser marking machine to realize automatic marking. So where are these signals? Which interface on the marking machine has these signals?

The answer is that the general laser marking machine does not give these signals. You need to contact your laser marking machine manufacturer and ask them to add an extended I / O interface to lead out these signals.

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