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    How to show a message with Focas?

    Good morning, I've developed a software that read data from a Fanuc 30i using Focas library.
    I would like to show some information on operator display, like production order code (1-15 characters string).
    How can I do that? It would be ok also show it as operator message or in another window (not the master).
    Can I use #1100 variable? #3000 and #3006 could be ok, but they can't be written with Focas and edit programs to check another macro value and then show alarm/message it's not an option.
    Thank you

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    Re: How to show a message with Focas?

    How are you pulling the data out? with the embedded ethernet port?
    Show information on the operator screen of the CNC machine? Or on your PC where your data is going to.

    #1100 is a variable to get information from the part program to the PMC. #1100=1 done in part program means the associated "F" bit will turn 1.
    What do you mean they can't be written with focas?
    Can you restate your question.

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