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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Rhinocam > how to create gcode for this kind of work?
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    how to create gcode for this kind of work?


    as in video, it's 3 axis rotary milling (spindle) machine, 1 rotary and 2 linear axis with a spindle. i couldn't see that option in rhinocam, there is 4 axis or 3 axis lathe without spindle.

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    Re: how to create gcode for this kind of work?

    Requires an encoder on the spindle, or rather than turn the spindle into a servo, often the spindle motor is turned off and a separate servo takes over and gears the Z axis off of this spindle motor encoder.
    The spindle then becomes a C axis
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    Re: how to create gcode for this kind of work?

    i don't see a reason for an encoder or servo instead of spindle, why you think that?
    and do you think it's not 3 axis?

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