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    Question How to get Xilog Maestro 3D?

    Long story short, I am learning how to operate a SCM Morbidelli n100and I have managed to learn the basics and would like to move on to simple 3D milling. At the moment I have the Xilog Maestro software but while it has the option to manually input the coordinates for 3D routing, it does not offer the Machining 3D options like roughing, finishing, etc. So there is the question, how can I get the Maestro 3D? I tried contacting SCM but received no answer, maybe some of you guys have gone trough similar problem and can share the wisdom of how to get it?

    I would really appreciate the help.
    P.S. I am really new to CNC machining therefore I apologize in advance if my question makes no sense.

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    Re: How to get Xilog Maestro 3D?

    Hi, in order to see the 3d functions you need to have the usb sentinel hardware key with 3d license activated inside. To check, insert the usb key you have, start maestro software, click on the scm logo button, and then click on About button. This will show you whether theres license for 3d. You can post the screenshot here if you want so that i can check and let you know all licenses you have on the usb hardware.

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