1. Prepare safe stock parts to avoid lack of replacement parts

2. Correct management and use the right tools. Main points of maintenance of water cutting machine:

(1) Protect the surface of all parts from damage, if scratched, it must be ground

(2) Carefully handle the contact surface of the water seal, and replace it immediately if there is water leakage or damage

(3) The maintenance work of the water cutting machine is related to the efficiency of the water cutting machine in the future work. Keeping the water cutting machine clean and tidy at all times helps to improve the working efficiency of the water cutting machine.

3. Check the system according to the following three simple steps to keep it in optimal working condition.

first step:

Observe the water jet from the gem nozzle. Turn on the water flow at low pressure and observe. The water flow should be symmetrical and its width depends on the type of nozzle used. The water flow of the nozzle should be continuous. If the water flow starts to widen, it means that the nozzle is damaged and should be replaced immediately. A damaged nozzle (or misplaced pipe) will cause internal damage to the cutting head.

The second step:
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