Different industries and types of materials need different metal laser cutters. In order to purchase the befitting metal cutting machine, you need to not only know your type of materials needing to be cut and cutting technology required, but also communicate well with CNC metal cutting manufacturers before purchasing sheet metal cutting machine or tube laser cutting machine. However, it is unnecessary for purchasers to fully defer to the opinions of CNC metal laser cutter manufacturers because they need to make decision based on their actual situation.

Let's first look at what the original processing technology was.
1. The use of traditional punch processing requires a large number of molds. The parts of electrical products have a large amount of drilling sizes and different shapes, there are a lot of single-piece and non-standard products. The high mold cost and long production cycle are not conducive to the production of single-piece and non-standard products.

2.Using a handheld jig saw to drill the hole, not only the quality of the cut is poor, the dimensional accuracy is not easy to control, but also the labor intensity is large, the noise is large, the production efficiency is low, and the saw blade is consumed a lot.

Currently,the fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used in the electrical industry to cut thin steel plate parts in the appearance of sheet metal parts and the installation of complete sets of electrical components. Nowadays, after many electrical appliances factories adopt this new technology, they have improved product quality, reduced production costs, reduced labor intensity, improved the traditional plate processing technology, and received better production benefits.

Compared with traditional processes, laser cutting has the characteristics of high precision, high material utilization and high production efficiency. In particular in the field of precision cutting, laser cutting has more advantages than traditional cutting. It can focus energy into a small space and use high-speed, non-contact, high-precision cutting with density energy is very suitable for the electrical industry. In the production of electrical appliances, laser cutting helps improve processing quality, save processing links and processing costs, shorten the production cycle of electrical products, thereby reducing labor and production costs, improving processing efficiency, and improving product competitiveness.

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