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    How to remove cross slide?

    Hey, I have an Emco VMC 100 and I don't know how to remove the cross slide. I have removed all the bolts/nuts I could find, but I can't even budge the cross slide when trying to pull it off. I tried to turn the pulley to move the table as far as I could to the edge, but now it is stuck and doesn't move when I turn the pulley(only the nut moves back and forth, but now it won't even go back through the hole in the apron) .

    ?Does anyone know how to take it off? Do I have to take the pulley and ballscrew off first? If so, how do I take the pulley off? It looks like a keyway pulley, but it impossible to pull of by force, and I am afraid of breaking something.

    ?I also attached some pictures to show my problem.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20240515_201220.jpg   20240515_222714.jpg   20240515_222754.jpg  

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