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IndustryArena Forum > General Maintenance > Maintenance DIY Discussion > How to set contour overlap on Haas machine?
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    How to set contour overlap on Haas machine?

    Machine is older, it is actually Mikron Haas VCE 500, but the control is very similar/equal to newer Haas mills.

    We have problem with this machine that it doesnt finish contour (toolpath) very precise, for example if you make a circle it will leave a small amount of material around start/end point of mill toolpath (circle).

    So we deal with this in CAM software, to extend this toolpath for example by 2mm... or make 2 circles instead of one.

    But this problem occurs only on this older Haas machine, we have 2 newer and they dont have this problem.

    Is there a parameter or setting on the machine which could overlap this contour for some amount so this problem wouldnt occur?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to set contour overlap on Haas machine?

    ..I see something about Setting 191 will affect tool path blending. Read more below

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