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    how to use the laptop mouse pad

    I am a MC newbie and just installed the demo. I opened a training file of a cube but I can't rotate it with the mouse pad. Do I need to get a separate wireless mouse? Do I need a special video card of some sort? When opening the app a pop-up appears stating: The minimum system requirement for OpenCL 1.2 with double precision has not been met.

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    Re: how to use the laptop mouse pad

    A laptop mousepad does not have the scroll button needed for the zoom function... a separate mouse is required

    The boot warning is saying that your laptop is not meeting the ideal requirements ie CPU, graphics card etc
    If Mastercam fires up, it should work, but not at it's best

    ... note.... the demo version will not run forever, it is timed. So it will stop running... I think 1 year
    So practice, practice, practice

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    Re: how to use the laptop mouse pad

    I would try a mouse button with a modifier key such as ctrl, shift or alt. It's a common function with numerous cad cam systems and the closer you emulate a desktop the happier you'll be. Can you find a cheap mouse? It doesn't care if it's wired or wireless.
    NX 10.0.3

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