Starting to configure my new cnc and have a Chinese BOB with useless instructions so I have to go with whatever experience I have. One thing the instructions is clear it says to verify that I don't have any "?" mark on the PC Device Manager.

I'm using XP-PRO in Oracle Virtual Box. The XP-PRO is activated and I have Mach3 license. The BOB is connected to the PC with a printer cable. After I installed Mach3 I went to Ports and Pins, Port #1 and I have unable the 0x378, Kernel Speed 25000Hz.

In the Device Mgr now I have the entry "Mach3 Pulsing Engine" and it says this device is working good. I see no "?" or anything unusual in the Device mgr.

Is that all I need to assure Mach3 communicates well with the PC?