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    HSMworks Adding a second Op?

    Setting up a two-vise job, real simple part to learn more programming and HSMworks quirks.

    The part is a 5" milling vise soft jaw, I ran the first bit today and while I goofed and had the chamfer mill running on the wrong side of the profile (cut a V-groove around the top of the part instead of chamfering) it did fine on the pocket mill and boring for the fasteners, and it didn't crash the vise or fling the workpiece off into orbit.

    Now, I need to setup the part for Op 2 in vise 2, where I face the back of the part off. That's all that's left, just face off the back and then debur.

    What's the process needed here? Re-model the part+stock remaining and import as a second job, then combine the two programs? Seems like there should be a more straightforward method.

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    Re: HSMworks Adding a second Op?

    All you have to do is make a second setup. Move the part into an orientation (In CAD) that makes sense. Then select new setup. This will be setup 2. Proceed normally with coordinate setup and tool path setup.

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