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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > HURCO > Hurco BMC 30 - Overheat Error + Motion Control Communication Error & Random Errors
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    Hurco BMC 30 - Overheat Error + Motion Control Communication Error & Random Errors


    Trying so figure out this fault..

    Machine will work in cold weather and if we cool the boards down with compressor ... Was working with a fan sat in front of the boards over winter but too warm now in summer.

    Most of time the fault is Motion Control Communication Error with Overheat Error below it.

    But randomly does other errors + overheat.

    Easy to reproduce and stop, can simply cool with compressed air and warm with a hairdryer..

    On it's own in this weather usually throughs the error within ten minutes..

    Tried to narrow down the board by using freeze spray on Motion Control Board and CANbus board and warming each one but always the same result.

    Could easily be another board or the actual Motherboard as they are all in close proximity.

    I've removed and tested the 4 tiny electrolytics on the Motion Control board since dieing electrolytics can vary with temperature but these are all reading the 10uf that they're labelled as and good ESR.

    Anyhow it usually works the opposite way and dieing electrolytics work when warmed up!

    I've checked the entire motion board under the microscope and no dry solder joints..

    I've removed and cleaned some of the IC's from their sockets that were dirty.

    Also cleaned the contacts on the ISA connector.

    According to the manual the CANbus board has the temperature sensor.. But weird thing is the overtemp LED never comes on when the overtemp warning is on the screen!

    Also are there any schematics available anywhere?

    Any tips appreciated...

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    Re: Hurco BMC 30 - Overheat Error + Motion Control Communication Error & Random Error

    I am no help with a BMC machine, But think your approach is good with the canned air detection
    I wonder , since it is a "motion error" if you have Servos amperage increasing , which in turn may heat up the boards ?
    So when you turn on the machine , what if you do not run the Axis's for a while ?

    Welcome to the board !

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