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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > HURCO > Hurco BMC30 Ultimax 3 wont power up,
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    Hurco BMC30 Ultimax 3 wont power up,


    I’ve just taken a punt on a Hurco BMC30, brought without knowing if it works.

    So I’ve powered it up and they is nothing on the screen and no LEDs on the controller, see picture.

    The servos have a green led and on the digital display -.

    I’ve tried pulling the cpu and personality board and checking everything is plugged in ok.

    Any held much appreciated?

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    Re: Hurco BMC30 Ultimax 3 wont power up,

    I’ve also checked the voltages on the power supply and they seem okay? The machine has been fitted with a new power supply by lextronixs in may 2019.

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    Re: Hurco BMC30 Ultimax 3 wont power up,

    ...might be a monitor problem. VGA ?

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