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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > HURCO > Hurco BMC64 machine keyboard not working
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    Hurco BMC64 machine keyboard not working

    Hi all,

    need help with BMC64 with Ultimax2.15 software. Software boots normally and then there is problems. Not one button on console
    works ( machine functions, programming etc. ). We try to exchange backplane and canbus board but no good. Any other ideas?


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    You could try the console node in the back of the console. Have you tried plugging in a PC keyboard and checking that there are no keys stuck by:
    Remove the back of the console and taking off the plugs from the machine keyboards to the console node.
    Alt & A on the PC keyboard to get the auxiliary page up.
    Press enter 100 enter to get to the service page.
    Select console tests.
    Select keyboard tests.
    Plug the keyboards back in one by one to see if any keys show as active on the screen.
    Any key that shows as active is stuck.

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    We try to open back and disconnect keyboards one per time but nothing. Also, machine gives "servo fault z axis" but on servo drive there is no error ( bb ).

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    Ok, so - here are test results:
    - "stuck keys" - START/STOP/PAUSE - Error is: no soft key on console is responding, not in Ultimax or in keyboard test.
    I have try: replace console node board, console front panel complete with board and machine function and with "stuck keys" from another machine - same
    installation of fresh copy of Ultimax 2.15 on another HDD - same
    Also, when i go to service page and enter the console test, air purge start on. When i exit, air stop?! Same when i enter Servo tuning, Miscellaneus and CNC config?!

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    Re: Hurco BMC64 machine keyboard not working

    Hello Darko,
    Did you find solution?
    We have same problem.

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