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    Hurco Hawk M5 BIOS settings


    Can anyone help with the BIOS settings for a Hurco Hawk M5 mill running Phoenix BIOS. Heres the problem. The CMOS battery died and the motherboard reset to factory settings. On power up there is no hard drive shown on the boot screen. If I set the BIOS to auto for the drive it does now show the drive that is installed in the machine, but it will not boot. If I set it to manual I can't adjust any of the drive parameters. I pulled the drive out and looked at it on a PC and the drive does appear to be valid. It seems like the CPU can't find the boot partition. Is this a BIOS setting or is there something else I"m missing here? There is a set of floppies that came with the machine, but they only go so far and stop with an error, which can be traced back to the fact the CPU see no valid drive attached to install the program on.

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    Re: Hurco Hawk M5 BIOS settings

    Send a e-mail request to [email protected] and request a copy of FSB1215 "Hawk 5M Advanced CMOS Setup Options"

    [email protected]

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    Re: Hurco Hawk M5 BIOS settings


    Thank you very much. Hurco responded in blazing time and I was able to bring the mill back on line and made some people very happy. Could not have done it with out the help of all you good people here at cnczone.com. Great job!

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    Re: Hurco Hawk M5 BIOS settings

    te puedo ayudar cadcamcnc.weebly.com

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    Re: Hurco Hawk M5 BIOS settings

    Quote Originally Posted by gatiel View Post
    te puedo ayudar cadcamcnc.weebly.com
    Bloke of your still out there please help.
    i got a keyboard hooked up managed to press f1 and got into the Cmos settings i followed a hurco service bulletin and went through all the standard and advanced settings.
    I copied what bloke suggested in another post for the cylinder heads 1223 sect 50 etc amd manged to boot the system.
    It brings me to the part set up screen and the progam screen
    But the main controller none of the buttons work i can only use the keyboard.
    It wont allow me to press manual power, cycle start to enable the drivers.
    Its like the machine has forgot ot has the controller all the parameters needed to set it up arent there.
    Really need help here if anyone even reads these anymore

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