I recently purchased a 1995 BMC 30HT/M mill and so far all works great.

I've noticed the HDD is making some noise that doesn't sound like it has much life left. I tried to clone the drive onto an SSD, but it's not working (I'm using Windows 10 and used a generic cloning program). I've attempted to alter the BIOS to match the original HDD, but it still doesn't want to work. I've followed various threads regarding HDD failure and replacements and all have resulted in the same thing, a big fat no-go. For now I put the original HDD back in and the machine is working.

Everything I've read mentions formatting and copying the files to the new HDD via a DOS Utilities Disk. This is the only disk that didn't come in the folder with the machine disks. I have the Software Ver. 1.54 disk 1&2 along with the Ultimax Ver. 1.53 Machine config disk 1 of 1. -side note, anyone know of a software upgrade for this? The machine has the 24 tool-change umbrella if that helps.

Does anyone have a copy of the DOS Utilities disk or link to where I can obtain it from? Is it available somewhere? I've searched and haven't found it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.